As of March 2018, Vietnam Airlines has begun serving a new type of dry snack to Economy Class’ passengers boarding all domestic and some international short-haul flights.

The list of Vietnam Airlines inflight snacks includes a variety of flavoured breads such as sweet rice cakes, honey rice cakes, egg white cakes, green tea cakes, chocolate milk cakes, tomato cakes, dairy cakes and roasted peanuts. Vietnam Airlines will select and change these snacks twice a month, allowing frequent flyer passengers to diversify their selection. The dry snacks are packed in a beautiful paper box, designed with Vietnam Airlines’ trade mark. Each portion of 40-60 gram offers two packets of light snacks.

Snacks are often served by airlines on short-haul flights, when the flying time is not sufficient to serve hot meals, or during mid-hours and outside the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner.